Steve's Profile

Our resident sock monkey and spokesmonkey for Donate a Monkey
Steve loves to dance to the Bee Gee's (Favorite song is Stayin' Alive)
His favorite color is yellow (It's the only color he can say)
His favorite activities are swimming and climbing trees
His favorite food is bananas and gummy bears (but please do not feed him any!)
He has a niece named Lola and a nephew named Flint, but he has adopted many others like, Sam and Cherry Limeade
He loves to spend time with his family
He is terribly funny and enjoys cooking
Steve loves to hang out with his best friends, Pumpkin the cat, Phil, Count and Count's little brother Casper
Lola's Profile -Our small purple sock monkey
Lola loves to dance and sing
She is very jolly and bright
Her brother is Flint
Her favorite song is "Jive Talkin' " just like Flint
She hopes you'll decide to donate and help
Flint's Profile -A spitting image of his Uncle Steve
Flint is very energetic
He enjoys climbing trees
His favorite food is chocolate covered bananas
He's sometimes very lazy
His favorite song is the Bee Gee's "Jive Talkin' "
He has always wanted a little brother
His favorite movie is Star Wars episode III (He dreams of becoming a Jedi someday)
Flint wants you to help out because he says "sock monkeys should rule the world"

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